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Come on Amazon, You Can Do Better!

Can you believe that Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader sold out last week? Reportedly, within 5 ½ hours of hitting the shelves they were gone. Amazon hasn’t revealed how many it had in stock at launch, so maybe they didn’t have very many in the first place.

Does anyone else think the Kindle is a joke? This is 2007 – the year of the iPhone. Whatever you say about the iPhone it is a product that screams “Buy Me”. Its industrial design is second to none; it is an object of desire. The pictures of the Kindle (where did that name come from) remind us of something out of a 1980’s low budget science fiction TV show. And could some please explain why you need a tacky-looking QWERTY keyboard to read a book? The sad thing is that the e-ink display is very cool, and that Amazon has the distribution power to be able to make a product like this a huge success (but really guys, forget charging for blogs that you can read on the internet for free).

In short, despite the fact that the concept is appealing, we have never wanted a new technology product less in our lives. We would be embarrassed to show our friends, which isn’t quite the point of the supposedly latest technology marvel!

Speaking of iPhones and e-books, the Mobicious site has a large number of iPhone web sites and applications, as well as more than a few e-books available for your lowly mobile phone (could be a lot less expensive than the Kindle, especially if you have a high end phone with a great screen).


Some Thanksgiving Fun!

Yes, you can microwave a turkey! Get some last minute Thanksgiving help on your phone.

If you are like many of us at the Mobicious office, you may need some help in the kitchen Thursday. Compliments of our friends at, you can download some quick tutorials to get you through the holiday.

Scrumptious Sides
Don’t settle for cranberry concentrate out of a can or jarred gravy! Learn how to prepare your own cranberry sauce from scratch and make easy, yummy homemade gravy.

Marvelous Main
Totally clueless in the kitchen? Learn how to cook a holiday turkey in the microwave (we promise not to tell)! And then carve it up, in a few easy steps.

Happy Turkey Day! Let us know how it all comes out.