Apple iPhone SDK – A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Apple continues to stir things up in the mobile world with its introduction of the iPhone software development kit (SDK) earlier this month. Although iPhone users will need to be patient since it’ll be some time before the “App” icon magically appears on their phones, there’s reason to wait. Just imagine the flurry of new third-party applications, touch enabled and motion sensitive, that’ll be launched later this year.


In the meantime, developers of all types, ranging from games to business applications, have downloaded the SDK, eager to explore ways of enriching their applications and services. Those of us in the Boston are no exception. In fact, tomorrow evening, MoMo (Mobile Mondays) Boston is hosting an iPhone SDK party at the Apple Store at the CambridgeSide Galleria, to be followed by an after-party at a local bar. In addition to free food and drinks, you’ll see demos of the SnapMyLife iPhone webapp and others. So, if you’re in the Boston area, come by and check the party out on March 24 at 7pm. For more details, see the MoMo Boston site. We hear that over 200 people are already registered, so we’re looking forward to seeing you there too!


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