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The Year of the Rat

For those of you looking to celebrate a different kind of new year, today’s your day. It’s Chinese New Year, and February 7 marks the start of the Year of the Rat.

The animal signs in Chinese culture are similar to the monthly horoscopes the West has developed for the different moon signs. The Rat is associated with aggression, wealth, charm, and order, yet also associated with death, war, the occult, pestilence, and atrocities.

For fun, take a look at the Chinese Zodiac chart to see the 2008 Year of the Rat horoscope, baby gender predictions, or advice on partner compatibility. If you are a believer (or at all curious), check out Handango’s Chinese Zodiac application on our site, or add some entertainment to your day by checking out plenty of other horoscope text services/applications.


New Cell Phone On Your Christmas Wish List?

This holiday season there are lots of great options. LG’s new Voyager and Venus are getting a fair amount of attention; as are the iPhone, Sidekick Slide, and Blackberry Curve.

There will be millions of cell phones purchased in the month of December, with many of them being activated on December 25th.

If you are one of the many looking to upgrade or are thinking of surprising a loved one at the last minute with a new phone, check out the LetsTalk site for some advice. You carry your phone almost everywhere, so it’s important that you find the model that’s right for you and works with your carrier.

And keep in mind as you shop… US carriers have now changed their policies on termination fees making it less expensive to upgrade in many cases. So if you really want that iPhone, it may be worth it to terminate and move to AT&T.

Happy Shopping!

Come on Amazon, You Can Do Better!

Can you believe that Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader sold out last week? Reportedly, within 5 ½ hours of hitting the shelves they were gone. Amazon hasn’t revealed how many it had in stock at launch, so maybe they didn’t have very many in the first place.

Does anyone else think the Kindle is a joke? This is 2007 – the year of the iPhone. Whatever you say about the iPhone it is a product that screams “Buy Me”. Its industrial design is second to none; it is an object of desire. The pictures of the Kindle (where did that name come from) remind us of something out of a 1980’s low budget science fiction TV show. And could some please explain why you need a tacky-looking QWERTY keyboard to read a book? The sad thing is that the e-ink display is very cool, and that Amazon has the distribution power to be able to make a product like this a huge success (but really guys, forget charging for blogs that you can read on the internet for free).

In short, despite the fact that the concept is appealing, we have never wanted a new technology product less in our lives. We would be embarrassed to show our friends, which isn’t quite the point of the supposedly latest technology marvel!

Speaking of iPhones and e-books, the Mobicious site has a large number of iPhone web sites and applications, as well as more than a few e-books available for your lowly mobile phone (could be a lot less expensive than the Kindle, especially if you have a high end phone with a great screen).

Some Thanksgiving Fun!

Yes, you can microwave a turkey! Get some last minute Thanksgiving help on your phone.

If you are like many of us at the Mobicious office, you may need some help in the kitchen Thursday. Compliments of our friends at, you can download some quick tutorials to get you through the holiday.

Scrumptious Sides
Don’t settle for cranberry concentrate out of a can or jarred gravy! Learn how to prepare your own cranberry sauce from scratch and make easy, yummy homemade gravy.

Marvelous Main
Totally clueless in the kitchen? Learn how to cook a holiday turkey in the microwave (we promise not to tell)! And then carve it up, in a few easy steps.

Happy Turkey Day! Let us know how it all comes out.

Trick or Treat

Halloween is here. Looking for last-minute do-it-yourself costume ideas? Or want to get in the Halloween spirit with scary Halloween ringtones or downloadable games. Use Mobicious to put Halloween fun on your phone.


Halloween Fun Facts

• Halloween is recognized as the third biggest party day after New Year’s and Super Bowl Sunday.

• A pumpkin is really a squash, and comes from the same family as the cucumber.

• The biggest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales at a whopping 1,446 pounds.

• 26 pounds is the per capita consumption of candy by Americans in 2006; it is believed a large portion is consumed around Halloween.

• 90% of parents admit to sneaking goodies from their kids’ Halloween trick-or-treat bags.

• Over 10% of pet owners dress their pets in Halloween costumes.

Boston College SuperFan? Red Sox Nation member? Justin Timberlake follower?

We have been hard at work over here, adding some organization to our growing database of mobile content, services, and applications. Now in addition to searching for your favorite mobile content, you can easily browse by theme and easily add your own user generated content to the collection.

Going to a playoff game this month, catching a college football game this fall, or attending a concert of your favorite artist? Snap a picture with your mobile and let others enjoy your money shot.

Check out our new channels at You can choose from over 100 sports, music and college channels, filled with the mobile content you want: ringtones, wallpapers, games, free text services and more…

As always, we would love to hear how we are doing. Please email us at with your suggestions or comments. In the meantime, have fun personalizing your phones.

Kanye vs. 50 Cent vs. Kenny G?


Kanye and 50 Cent recently went head-to-head, both releasing new albums with a big media splash in September. With about a million albums sold so far, Kanye seems to have won the crown as king of hip hop. But wait, there may be another dark horse contender… Kenny G!

Kanye vs. 50 Cent vs. Kenny G

According to our database, in the last month Kenny G’s Silhouette track was the 4th most popular converted ringtone on our site, behind Kanye West & Britney Spears, but before 50 Cent, who came in at number 11. Seems like our users have some interesting taste!

Our new Make My Ringone feature has quickly become one of the most popular items on the site. Since its launch last month, thousands of people have used it to personalize their phones with some pretty cool stuff (minus the Kenny G track, sorry). Check out what is ringing on your peers’ phones…

Mobicious Top 20
1. Kanye West – Stronger
2. Kat DeLuna ft Elephant – Whine Up
3. Britney Spears – Gimme More
4. Kenny G – Silhouette
5. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy
6. Colbie Caillat – Bubbly
7. DJ Khaled – I’m So Hood
8. Alicia Keys – No One
9. Paramore – Misery Business
10. J Holiday – Bed
11. 50 Cent – I Get Money
12. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch
13. Timbaland – The Way I Are
14. Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
15. Kanye West – Good Life
16. Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
17. Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
18. Linkin Park – Bleed It Out
19. Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry
20. – I Got It From My Mama

Billboard Hot Ringtones This Week
1. John Carpenter – Halloween Movie Theme
2. Henry Mancini – Pink Panther
3. Group Montez De Durango – Adios Amor Te Vas
4. Koji Kondo – Super Mario Borthers Theme
5. 50 Cent Featuring Olivia – Candy Shop
6. Nickelback – Rockstar
7. Beyonce – Irreplaceable
8. Afroman – Because I Got High
9. 50 Cent & Olivia – Best Friend
10. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
11. Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most
12. 2Pac – When We Ride On Our Enemies
13. Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang
14. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch
15. Plies Featuring T-Pain – Shawty
16. Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z – Umbrella
17. NYSE Bell
18. Mike Post – Law & Order Theme
19. The Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
20. Cyndi Lauper  – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun