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Songs and Photos from South by Southwest (SXSW)

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Every year music artists, filmmakers and techies descend on Austin, Texas for the massive showcase event: South by Southwest (SXSW). This year is no different with over 700 participating musicians. If you’re a music buff, it’s a rare opportunity to see all these great bands in one place, but it’s impossible to personally catch them all. You’re likely to miss what could be your next favorite band, while listening to something you’ll probably never like. Luckily in this new age of Internet file sharing, a Bit Torrent file has been posted that features a song from each of the 764 bands at SXSW. This must be illegal, right? No worries. All of these tracks are digital rights management (DRM) free, so they’re just a click away. Once you find a couple of songs you like, you can make your own ringtone for free from any of these tracks.

If you found yourself wishing that you were in Austin, but couldn’t quite justify the time or cost, then check out the SXSW stream of candid shots on, a new mobile photo sharing community. Some people at SXSW are snapping photos using their mobile phones and immediately posting them, so it’ll give you a flavor of what’s happening in real-time. Check out SnapMyLife from time to time to see what you can look forward to next year when you actually get there yourself.